Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd updates of the year..

Holla peeps... so, what's new with me? I know how to use Skype now. A pretty decent user too. But I'm still quite the shy one when it comes to video calls.. *sigh* Neways, Robocons over. Now we're struggling for finals.. Well, the thing is, my friends around me are updating their blogs, so I thought, why not, right? Been months since my last entry,anyways. Not in the mood for much blogging really.. so, chiao darling. I'll give full update next time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Holla everybody! (if there is anyone, that it). LoLz. Neways~wow. I haven't been updating my blogs for a looong looooong time now. Ok, summary!!
December 2009
Activity: Picnic Venue:Damai Beach
Escorted by: Jojo, Manda, Izzurul, Hilton, Ricky, Braden, Tony, Bray and their friends.
Summary: Ohhh..wow.perhaps the most "interesting" picnic I ever had. Nice beaches, good company, sufficient drinks. Took amazing pictures too.

January 2010:
Activity: New Year Venue: Bar-Zing!
Escorted by: Jojo, Manda, Izzurul, Angie, Hilton, Ricky, Braden, Tony, Bray and Ken
Summary: Was soooo totally awesome. Got my first puff. Almost pass out. Was slapped by Angie. (I owe her my life for it,tho). And yeah, I puked in front of a temple. Epic, I know. I'm sorry~~~~

February 2010:
Activity: Vacation~~ Venue: Damai
Escorted by: Shazz, Amin, JayJay, Amin's friends and so other peps I'm not quite sure who.
Summary: I love it. It was pure fun.

March 2010:
Activity: Robocon Starts Venue: PCB Lab & Workshop
Escorted by: Red, Seng, Hillare, Daniel and some other boys :P
Summary: All play and no work done yet. Hohoho... And I can use power tools now. Zing-zing!!

April 2010:
Activity: Broken Heart Venue:SMS
Escorted by:Ex-bf, John
Summary: We had it coming. It was time to let go.

May 2010:
Activity: Finals, shit! Venue:Engineering Faculty
Escorted by: 2nd Year PKEK & PKET
Summary: I didn't study much. Was way under prepared.

Activity: Legend Killer Venue:Mafia Wars, Skype
Escorted by: The whole clan
Summary: I'm now Legend Killer Star Slayer. Fall in love all over again. LoL

June 2010:
Activity: Boring Gawai Venue: Laptop Monitor
Escorted by: The WWW
Summary: Mafia Wars.

Fuhh~~There you go. Summary report on what should have been reported earlier. LoL

Friday, November 13, 2009

~Shadow ~

Handsome Shadow

Hungry Shadow

Shadow The Great

Dirty Shadow

Lazy Old Shadow
During his final days

Shadow Tening

I love you, always.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mafia Mode On!! *grins*

Ok, probably most of u already checked out Gwen's Haloween Edition, and some pic on my FB profile,but hell,let me share some more. LoLx. So on my first haloween ever, I'm a lady mafia.
A lil' camwhoring session before Gwen picked me up

Mess with me, deal with the guns.

Den off to the party

Gwen, me n Jojo

The Mafia and the Bunny

Overall, the party was ok, from about 6 out of 10. We got back home early dou'. Then, I changed my profile pic to this;
Say hello to my little friend:

then Johnny from [T.W.I.O], my family, change to this. Isn't it beautiful. <3>
My very first official TWIO profile pic. N johnny even said, if I change my profile pic, he will re-do it for me, again. Hehehe. Look at the logo.. Nicely done. I'm in bliss. :) With this, i celebrate with a Guerilla Bodyguard!!
Cost me 25 God Father points, but with 22 Attack and 44 defense, who's complaining now. >_< Orait, study mode.ON!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The end of a nightmare

Last month, we were given Software Engineering assignment, to due today. One month of work, took me 2 hours to do! How did that happen? Well, as always, I am the Queen of Procrastination. And by being so, I decided to hand over the whole thing to my group mate instead. They found some programs that we could just CnP from the internet. Sadly, 2 days before the due date, they came up to me, almost crying, saying they couldn't do it. Frantic, I came to conclusion that I have to create the programs from scratch. Two hours in front of the PC with NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! NO FACEBOOK!!! and worst of all NO MAFIA WARS!!! But in the end, it all worth it. My program is done, my friends started smilling again, and we handed in our project just in time, well, at least that was what we thought, when actually, the project was due on Wednesday! LoL.. But it doesn't matter much, now all relieved, I can focus on my other priorities, name Mafia Wars and flirting on FaceBook. Currently loving Social Me. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bitch WARS!!!

Urmmmm, yeah, neway, I lied. There would be no bitch wars on my blog, I made a vow to myself, never to bitch about anyone on my blog. :) I hope I wont disappoint anyone. The only fight I was into was the match against Liverpool and Manchester United. Ironically, I was invited to attend to the live telecast at Food Garden by a Man U fan, and ironically still, I agreed to attend. And I did!! But I can't seem to see him anywhere. Well, initially, I did not intend to come. I planned to watch the match at the comfort of home. But, a friend of mine, Astro (as he prefer me to call him that) requested to meet up and Felix was kind enough to pick us up (us as in Tben and I) and there I was, in front of the screen, surrounded by hundreds of fans. Kinda exhilarating really, so many boys, but just a pair of eyes. XD So, anyway, my main aim was to spot the guy that invited me to come, and I failed. Half way thru the match, we went off to Jln Song instead, to have our regular Mafia Wars meet up. The meeting went smoothly and I finally confirmed that I will be attending the first Annual Unofficial Mafia Wars Convention (Kuching Branch). Ahaks!!! I can't wait!! Since I wont be able to go to Miri. :( Our meeting ended around 2 am, with much accusation of gays and lesbians (like it's a bad thing,now) *giggle* The match ended with 2 - 0, Liverpool won!!!! As expected, I really should have made the bet. The first score was by Torres *drool* and seconded by Nogg. This finally ends Livvy losing streak. *Now I can sleep in peace* Anyway, by lunch time, I'm supposed to meet up with Jr for some recording thing. Owh, how I wish my babe can be there too. I miss u, Gwen! But, I guess I'll be missing you together with Jr :) N thank God he's a Livvy fan too, at least there's something to talk about tomorrow...The score :)

Fernando Torres. Yes girls, I know, he's HOT!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scands, Scands and more Scands!!!!

Hey all, yeah, new post again.. It's study week, and as we all know, nobody studies on study week. It's just a nick name for "I need a break after all the last minutes assignments, under prepared presentations and tests I cheated on because I didn't study for it before I slave myself over final exams" week. Fuhh..that was a mouthful. So anyway, I decided to use this "study" week to study the behavior of beings called Scandals. Honestly saying, I'm not 100% faithful to my guy, yet I'm not cheating on him either. My feelings towards him are pure and still very strong. Besides, I never had any real feelings towards any of the other guys, it's all just for fun. But due to his absence (and my curiosity), I decided to venture into the controversial world of flings, flirts and arm-candies. Yes ladies, it's not singular, one is never enough. Hehehe.. Once again, I'm not going into details on all of these scands of mine, would be to dangerous now, but I learned something, they always end up terribly wrong or wonderfully right. Never in between. LoL..

My first controversial issues came months after I met my first. I've always admired him from far and was too shy to approach him. I don't know if it was fate or pure luck, we became friends. Then came a series of roller coaster rides, controversy strikes and died down. Now, I must say, he is one of my best friend and I know he feels the same way too. Even trying to dance seductively with him feels awkward, suddenly we're platonic and I'm loving it. XD Plus, I get to 'try' out his adoring friends too ;) With that concludes the wonderfully right part.

Next, the ugly one. Gosh, too painful for me to tell. But yeah, it ended on the right time cause I was beginning to see him as more than a scand. With him out of the picture, I get to focus more on my guy and look around for new ones. Hahaha!! And to think after a terrible heart break, I'll stop all this flings. Nahhh..... once a flirt, always a flirt!

So, I'm going to make full use of this 'study' week to understand the nature of these being and to perfect my skills so when the finals are over, Miri, here I come, bringing with me FLIRT FEST!! wooohoooo!!
A word of advice: